Camille and Amara

are an unstoppable mother and daughter duo passionate about fashion and beauty.

Both intensely creative, they founded the Mam Glam Cosmetics brand, fueled by their shared mission to give girls and women the ultimate freedom to feel confident and look their best through make up.



They bring a complementary balance of Camille’s wisdom and 20 years of corporate experience in the Legal field and 5 year old Amara’s unbridled enthusiasm and drive. With a background in fashion, modeling, cosmetology and the corporate world, Camille developed a diverse skill set that she brings to entrepreneurship. She leveraged her diverse experience and business acumen to build a black owned business for herself and her daughter in the competitive beauty market.

Camille seeks to create an enabling environment for her daughter and nurture her talent to become everything she dreams of being in life. Amara feels lucky to learn through her mom and live their dream together. She is every bit a decision maker in the business, as she wears her VP hat to make decisions in the morning at the breakfast table, before heading out to kindergarten.

Blend beauty in you

Camille and Amara

Camille and Amara share a strong bond and cherish the time they spend together.
Amara enjoys styling Camille’s hair and doing her makeup, just like Camille grew
up doing her grandmother’s hair and makeup. In addition, Amara loves arts, music,
modeling and dance. The dynamic duo also runs a food business and plan to venture
into the skin care business to provide products that nourish and revitalize the skin.
Camille hopes that Amara will take the mantle and run the business in the future,
along with her chosen career path!